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Pat started writing after his wife was diagnosed with brain cancer and he became her primary caregiver for about 5 years until Angela passed away.

Pat’s books are more than a tribute to his wife’s courage. They are a wonderful exploration of how the life of the family members who choose to become caregivers for a terminally ill loved one change forever in a day and how they go on a journey of self-discovery during the course of the care they give.

Patrick Palmer

Author Patrick Palmer

While we learn a lot of aspects of social interactions at home and in school, we’re never really taught about caregiving or are prepared to be a caregiver—not explicitly anyway. So, most of us stumble upon the role of a caregiver quite unexpectedly, when a loved one succumbs to old age or an unexpected medical condition like cancer.

Needless to say, the journey forward isn’t an easy one. It’s a completely unknown terrain where you have quite a few falls, and in such moments, you need all the help you can get.

As one of the best caregiving authors, Patrick Palmer uses his real-life experiences to not only write a guide for hands-on caregiving but also on the healing of a caregiver. While patients need support and love, the support for caregivers of cancer patients is just as important.

These caregiving books are suggested readings for caregivers and come from one of the best caregiving book authors.

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The Books

A Husband's Guide

A detailed account of what Pat went through as a caregiver for his wife after her cancer diagnosis written to help husbands - and men in other roles - who become caregivers and how they can overcome the challenges they might face.
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Healing of a Caregiver

A sequel to his first book written 2 years after Pat's wife passed away. It revolves around the circumstances and challenges he faced as a widower, which he put into words so caregivers - men and women alike - could better understand the process of grieving and move on.
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Are You Prepared?

An in-depth exploration of what it means to be a caregiver for a loved one who suddenly becomes disabled or is diagnosed with a terminal disease. It helps the reader assess themselves and be well-prepared for the possibility of becoming a caregiver.
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Coming Up for Air

Here is why little periods of self-care like therapy and exercise are like oxygen when you’re trying to save a loved one from drowning in cancer.

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