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The Author

Pat started writing after his wife was diagnosed with brain cancer and he became her primary caregiver for about 5 years until Angela passed away.

Pat’s books are more than a tribute to his wife’s courage. They are a wonderful exploration of how the life of the family members who choose to become caregivers for a terminally ill loved one change forever in a day and how they go on a journey of self-discovery during the course of the care they give.

Patrick Palmer

Overview Of
The Books

A Husband's Guide

A detailed account of what Pat went through as a caregiver for his wife after her cancer diagnosis written to help husbands - and men in other roles - who become caregivers and how they can overcome the challenges they might face.
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Healing of a Caregiver

A sequel to his first book written 2 years after Pat's wife passed away. It revolves around the circumstances and challenges he faced as a widower, which he put into words so caregivers - men and women alike - could better understand the process of grieving and move on.
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Are You Prepared?

An in-depth exploration of what it means to be a caregiver for a loved one who suddenly becomes disabled or is diagnosed with a terminal disease. It helps the reader assess themselves and be well-prepared for the possibility of becoming a caregiver.
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