A Comprehensive Reading Guide for People Looking After a Loved One at Home

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Books have helped us make the best of the worst situations. For some people, books provide the ultimate escape they need from reality.

For children, books open their hearts and minds to a world of wonderful ideas and knowledge. 

 Even as adults, we turn to books when we need to learn about finance, taxes, and even sales.

Want to learn how to draw? There are art books by great artists that can teach you how to use different art mediums to create wonderful works of art.

Life Lessons From a Book:

Today people write books to teach us so much more. They share their experiences, their stories, their joy, pains, and sorrow and communicate to readers across the world who may be in the same dilemma as them. 

 Books have been known to reduce stress, and improve our ability to empathize with others, and well as improve our mental health.

This brings us to why we need books for people looking after a loved one at home.

Books for People Looking After a Loved One at Home

Two decades ago, if someone had cancer, their family would begin to mourn their loss.

But with the progress in science and medicine, we have come a long way. Even fiction and young adult novels like  ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ have been inspired by real people and caregivers.

The bottom line is that we should all collectively understand the need for a comprehensive reading guide for people looking after a loved one at home,  whether it’s cancer or Alzheimer’s- both of which are among the leading causes of death worldwide.

That shows how many caregivers find themselves dealing with an ill loved one at home- like a young caretaker trying to deal with an early offset of Alzheimer’s of his parents or a guide to hands-on caregiving for a husband whose wife has cancer.

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Must Read Books for Family Caregivers Looking After A Loved One With Cancer

This is why I, Patrick Palmer, a caregiving and cancer research advocate, have written books to support for caregivers of cancer patients

I want to communicate with caregivers and provide the support they need through my books. I am sure my books like ‘Are You Prepared to be a Caregiver’ will help them prepared to be a Caregiver.

I wrote ‘A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving,’, particularly for men whose wives were diagnosed with cancer. It has helped many husbands understand the process and boosted their morale in their difficult journeys.

I wrote my third book, ‘The Healing of a Caregiver’ for all caregivers to help them heal themselves from whatever trauma they had to see.  

You can get the books from here and learn more about my journey on my website.