Top 3 Must-Read Books for Cancer Caregivers

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Having a loved one with cancer isn’t easy. However, it requires you to have the maximum amount of courage as a caregiver. If you’re looking for some guidance, here are three books you should read as a cancer caregiver.

The Healing of a Caregiver: The Road to Acceptance and Recovery from the Loss of a Loved One

Cancer is one of the most cursed illnesses of all time. It’s one illness that nobody wants their loved one to be diagnosed with. One of the things many caregivers have to come to terms with is the loss of a beloved cancer patient.

The Healing of a Caregiver is a guidebook for every cancer caregiver who is currently feeling lost, emotionally drained, lonely, and physically exhausted after losing a loved one to cancer. This book focuses on the significance of accepting a loss and grieving it and provides some actionable steps to recover from that loss and become whole again.

Are You Prepared to Be a Caregiver?

Another exceptional book for cancer caregivers is Are You Prepared to Be a Caregiver?. Based on Patrick Palmer’s experience as a caregiver for his wife, this book is undoubtedly the perfect manual for people who don’t know what to do to perform their role as a caregiver efficiently.

This book takes a wide range of caregiving aspects into account, including financial arrangements, estate planning, outfitting the house, making logistical arrangements, and more.

A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving

Most people often rely on women to play the role of caregiver. However, when men are given the same job, they feel unaware and lost. This book is the perfect read for male caregivers who could use all the help they can get as husbands are required to care for their ill wives.

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If you’re a family member of someone with cancer, I know how challenging it can be both physically and emotionally. As a caregiver of someone you love with cancer, you’ll undoubtedly benefit from my Caregiver Support Books for Cancer Support based on my personal experiences of being a caregiver of my beloved wife.

I, Patrick Palmer, am a caregiving activist and writer, formerly serving the role of the YMCA CEO and airline pilot. Today, I chair the Angela and Patrick Palmer Research Fund. You can now purchase my Must Read Books for Family Caregivers on Amazon or click here to contact me and learn more today!